About us

InProSens develops innovative and novel analyzers for process analysis. The team's goal is to develop next generation process analysis systems. In the process, the great gap between laboratory analysis and existing on-site measuring systems (sensors and analyzers) will be closed with new impulses from chemical analysis and measurement technology. At the same time, InProSens' products offer completely new opportunities to meet the challenges of process optimization currently and in the future.


The spin-off InProSens of the University Oldenburg, consisting of two chemists and a computer scientist, can refer to many years of experience in the development of sensors and analyzers. Currently, the team of InProSens is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) at the University Oldenburg with the EXIST founder scholarship (June 2017 to May 2018). In this context, the InProLyzer sensor system has already been brought to product maturity stage so that marketing will start in April 2018. The company will be founded as InProSens GmbH in June 2018.


InProSens offers tailor-made solutions for your process analysis with the InProLyzer. Based on the modularity and the broad detection technology, almost all possible substances can be measured in various industrial production processes.


In many conversations with representatives from different manufacturing industries, we have already received a great interest for our InProLyzer system. We would be happy to provide the right analysis platform for your process application with the InProLyzer. We would be pleased to assist you from a first non-binding requirement and problem analysis of your process to the integration of the InProLyzer into your production environment.