Many luxury items such as designer handbags, leather jackets or leather shoes can hardly be distinguished from fakes. However, there is one crucial difference between the articles in one point. For example, while the original designer handbags are made from high-quality leather made from beef or deer, fake products are mostly made from inexpensive synthetic leather.


With the InProSens sensor systems you can check the authenticity of leather in seconds and at any place without damaging the leather. All you have to do is record a spectrum of the piece of leather and you can see immediately whether it is real leather.

To check real leather, a prediction model is used, in which more than 20 calibration measurements of real leather have been integrated. If a measurement of the examined leather material does not match with these stored calibration measurements, it is not real leather.


As an example, three different pieces of artificial leather were also measured here. In the graphic with the raw data and in the associated point cloud it can be seen that the artificial leather spectra differ significantly from the real leather spectrum.

Further information on the prediction model is available in the PDF file that can be downloaded here.

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