Sensor for automated measurements

  • Continuous measurement of raw materials and products
  • Applicable to milk, oils, plastics, solvents, fuels, various foods (e.g. maturity, moisture, fat and protein content) as well as a variety of other substances and parameters A contactless measurement is performed on the basis of NIR radiation
  • No reagents or previous sample preparation are needed
  • Operating costs are kept to a minimum


  • The software offers numerous interfaces to integrate the sensor into your production processes
  • New interfaces can also be implemented on request
  • You can operate the graphical user interface via any terminal device by integrating the sensor into your network
  • You can choose from several predictive models and thus measure different substances with the same sensor
  • Prediction models can be downloaded from the cloud at any time
  • New predictive models can also be requested via cloud by performing calibration measurements yourself
  • No connection to the cloud is needed for performing measurements

Your advantages

  • Monitoring of many parameters and substances directly on site
  • Quality and identity verification of raw materials and products
  • Measurement of liquid, pasty and solid substances
  • Fast measurements in real time
  • Measurements on 7 days / 24 hours
  • Reagents free
  • No sample preparation necessary
  • Low operating costs
  • Replacement of classical laboratory analysis
  • Improved control of production
  • Increasing efficiency and cost savings
  • Quality assurance on a new level

Measurable parameters

  • Foods (e.g. maturity, moisture, fat and protein content)
  • Milk and milk products (butter, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream etc.)
  • Oils and fats
  • Fuels and solvents
  • Surfactants
  • Polymers and plastics
  • Paints and pigments
  • Total phosphate and total nitrogen
  • Dry matter content and moisture content
  • and many more...

Ordering information

We offer you individual solutions directly for your production process. If you would like raw materials and / or products to be examined directly on site for one or more specific substances or parameters in your process, then please contact us directly by phone or via We would be pleased to advise you on how we can improve your process with the NIRLyzer.