Order information NIR Go!


If you would like raw materials and / or products to be examined directly on site for one or more specific substances or parameters in your process, then please contact us directly by phone or via sales@inprosens.de.


We would be pleased to advise you on how we can improve your process with the NIR Go!.

Pricing models

For the measurement with the NIR Go! different price models are offered. These must be ordered in addition to the sensor. Please choose the pricing model that best suits your needs. We are also happy to advise you which price model is suitable for your purposes.


Ideal for a temporary project

One-time payment

Limited number of measurements

Limited number of prediction models

Up to 3 users

Price on request


Costs depend on the number of measurements

Usage-dependent payment

Unlimited number of measurements

Limited number of prediction models

Up to 10 users

Price on request


Unlimited usage for a fixed price

Annual payment

Unlimited number of measurements

Unlimited number of prediction models

Any number of users

Price on request